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    Gen. Info skate camps

    Arrival and departure

    Where can I leave?

Each trip has different departure points. Due to the different distances between the place of departure and destination,

    surcharges are due for  certain departure locations, these may vary from trip to trip.

    What is the choice of bus companies?

Only companies are authorized, which are admitted as tour operators in the sense of the passenger transport law.
    We also pay attention to the safety of the buses, as well as the observance of the legal driving and resting phases ("social regulations") of the bus driver.

    Are we getting meals on the bus?

The booked food starts in your destination, PLEASE take therefore enough food for the journey.

    When do I have to be at the departure point?
    Please be at least 30 minutes before departure at your departure point.

    What happens if my luggage gets lost on arrival and departure? Am I insured then?

    For lost luggage, we can not accept liability, as each participant is required to pay attention to his own luggage.

    How can I book?

You can download or print out our information leaflet or the registration form.

    You can also have the information brochure sent to you by post. You can send us the  completed registration form by e-mail:

    Fa. Skateboardtravel
    Martin Pompe
    Richard-Wagner-Str. 3
    84544 Aschau

    I have booked, what happens now?

After we have received your registration, you will receive a travel confirmation from us. Then a deposit of 80 €,

    with a travel price of less than 100 €, the full travel amount is due at once.
    A deposit is only possible by bank transfer, you will receive the account details with the travel confirmation.

    Approximately 20 days before departure, the balance must be received in our account. If that is the case, we will send you the remaining travel documents.
    They will then contain your travel voucher / voucher with meeting point and time, a checklist,

    a leaflet for the respective trip and various consent forms that your rents have to fill out if you are under 16/18 years old

    What happens if I am injured / ill and have to cancel?

In case of cancellation, there are different cancellation rates (see terms and conditions),

    depending on how long before the trip is canceled. a cancellation is always to be made in writing,

    the cancellation date is the date of the mail, -, fax or email receipt with us.
    If the trip has been accompanied by a cancellation of travel expenses, the entire amount of travel will be refunded, minus the costs of the insurance and in some cases

    a deductible.
    Prerequisite for the entry into force of the travel cost cancellation insurance is usually that the participant

    is ill or injured and therefore can not participate in the journey. In this case, a medical certificate is required as proof.



    Do I have to bring towels / bed linen?

This varies from one place to another, and will be communicated to you in the travel documents about 14 days in advance.

    What belongs in the luggage?

This varies and depends on the type of trip and accommodation. For this we have put together a small help list, which you can download here.

    Do you have to pack the sleeping bag / mattress in your suitcase or can you transport the two things separately?

    The best you take the two things separately. But please do not attach it to the suitcase or the travel bag, do both with your name and your address.

    How much baggage can I take?

    Please take at most a suitcase or a travel bag (up to a maximum of 20 KG), plus a hand luggage, if necessary sports equipment or camping equipment.

    Travel documents

What papers do I have to take with me?

    A valid identity card / child ID card, an international health insurance, possibly an insurance policy, your voucher booklet (travel documents).

    Is a child's passport sufficient for driving or do I need a passport?
    This depends on the respective destination.
    You can find further information under:

    How much pocket money do you need?

For this we are reluctant to help, because everyone has different views on how much pocket money he needs.
    Apart from that, it depends on whether you have booked a trip with full board or whether you still need money for meals and how long the trip is.
    If the pocket money goes out early, there is the possibility of subsequent pocket money transfer. We ask your parents to contact us by phone.

    What about the room / tent occupancy?


    The room layout takes place on the spot according to the age and the separation between boys and girls.
    Are boys and girls allowed to share a room / tent?
    In general, this is already possible, you are still under 18 years, but we need the consent of your parents.
    Of course, the number of people who want a room / tent must always rise.
    When the trip is booked, it may well be that an extra person comes to it, should be free at one more place.

    When do I get my travel documents?

The travel documents will be sent to you 10-14 days before the start of the journey, provided that the remaining payment amount has been received by us.

     During the travel

     What does the on-site support look like?

The local team consists of team members (who take care of the supporting program and are available for questions and problems day and night) and skate guides

    (skate with the participants and ensure a safe and enjoyable pleasure).

    Can my parents reach me on the spot?

In emergencies, this is possible without any problems, your parents simply call us and we arrange the contact.
    However, this should only happen in emergencies, because the camp leader would otherwise be on the phone with your parents

    the whole day and can not devote anymore to the participants and their tasks.

    At what age is alcohol allowed?

Generally, we comply with the provisions of the Youth Protection Act. This means: beer, wine and sparkling wine are allowed in normal masses from 16 years.
    High-percentage alcohol is admittedly admitted in the over 18-years old in principle, but not gladly on our journeys.
    Excessive consumption of alcohol is - no matter what age - not tolerated.

    How long can I get out in the evening?

Again, they are our teamer according to the provisions of the Youth Protection Act.

    Are the supervisors always present, or are they just a point of contact that can be addressed?

    The Teamer live with you in the hotel or at the campsite. You are available 24 hours a day for your questions and problems.
    During the day and in the evening they organize animation programs for and with you.

    What is all about the activity program and do you have to join in?

The activity program is generally free.
    Your teamer organize daytime excursion
s and BBQ evenings, etc.
    The creativity of your teamer, and also of you, is unlimited and participation is voluntary.



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