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Travel organizer Internationaler Skatecamps 

founded in 2006 


Skateboardtravel is the first German travel organiser to have been successfully organising skate camps in Paris since 2006


The main target group of our participants is 12-25 years of age and is supervised by our trained and educated skate guides (Teamers). 

Inh. Martin Pompe
Richard-Wagner Str. 3
D-84544 Aschau


All our offered travel programmes are covered by indemnity insurance and by the legally prescribed insolvency insurance.

The insolvency protection pursuant to ³ 651 k BGB is provided via TRAVELSAFE GmbH, Neuburger Str. 102f, D-94036 Passau, Tel.+49 (0)851-52152 at ZURICH Versicherungsgruppe Deutschland AG.
For queries please contact Travelsafe.

The travel service provider indemnity insurance is provided by TRAVELSAFE GmbH,
Neuburger Str. 102f, D-94036 Passau at HDI Gerling Firmen und Privat Versicherung AG.
For queries please contact Travelsafe.

The main target group of our participants is 12-18 years of age and is supervised by our trained and educated skate guides (Teamers). 

The teamers assume the responsibility of supervision for the entire duration of the travel and offer the participants a versatile, age-appropriate schedule every day.

Our teamers are usually students of the specialties sports and pedagogics, at least 18 years old and have experience in working with children and youth. Moreover, all teamers must undergo a thorough examination in our specific seminars before the camp and they are prepared for their responsibilities on site in a targeted manner. Here, the focus lies on all legal basics such as youth protection provisions as well as professional behaviour in case of illnesses and accidents.

Our bus companies
We have high standards in terms of comfort, security and best quality towards our bus companies in the interest of our participants. Our reliable and long-standing bus partners voluntarily underwent the examination for the certificate “safety travelling by bus” by TÜV/DEKRA and were found to be good and safe. Moreover, our busses are equipped with all modern security features and have safety belts at all seats. Of course, we pay close attention to keeping the statutory rest hours and the shift and driving times and to the busses being in excellent technical condition - because for us your security comes first!

The bus travel

Moreover, all travels are accompanied by at least one bus teamer. So you can lay back and enjoy the ride. Please bring sufficient food and drink for the bus travel, since the booked board will only begin with the breakfast at your travel destination.

Information on the travel back

Depending on the current traffic situation, busses may arrive sooner or later than scheduled. We created an information hotline for this case so that your parents can inquire after the current arrival time of the busses: 0049-1772760436

Arrival and departure
For you, the travel starts with the departure from your boarding location. Our bus trips are usually night trips (both ways). There are about 5 to 6 boarding locations for each arrival. In case of a less strong demand we retain the right to reduce the number of stops per travel by shuttles (train or minibus) or by changing from one bus to another. Of course, in the rare case that such a procedure is carried out, we organise the shuttle transport for you. Our travel dates reflect the departure and arrival dates in Germany.

Locations of departure and additional fees
Our boarding locations are based on the holidays in the individual German states. We only stop at a boarding location of there are holidays in the respective German state.
For the additional fees of the individual locations of departure see the table below. Due to the long transfer time, the arrival dates for the journey back are approximate times. All boarding locations are valid from a minimum number of 12 participants.


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